Distillers since 1847

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Led by Arturo Rossi, direct heir of the founders, and by his son Nicola, our distillery has more than 170 years of business history and a yearly production of 150,000 high quality bottles, ranging from grappas, gins and bitters to Vermouth, amaros and other liqueurs, mainly distributed throughout Italy and abroad.
We have always been committed to spreading the culture of “drinking well”, i.e. drinking top-quality Italian products, hence we use many raw materials coming from the territory around the lower Lake Maggiore.

Arturo Rossi

“We use the pomace coming from Angera, Taino, Barza, Capronno, Ranco, Morazzone and Golasecca to gain the “Grappa di Angera” which is very aromatic, because the pomace comes from fruity grapes. Vines are the typical ones from the Pre-Alps: Nebbiolo, Chardonnay, Vespolina, Merlot, Croatina” 

Arturo Rossi represents the 5th generation and is President of the Distillery. His aim is spreading the tradition and quality of the distillates and liqueurs that wrote the history of his family.

Our history

The history of Rossi d’Angera, year after year.


Bernardo Rossi is a skilled carpenter in Angera. He has been using the surplus of the grape harvest to distillate the grappas resting in self-made barrels. The Rossi distillery gets underway in Angera.


Within few years, the demand for distillates increases and Rossi buys his first copper direct-fire stills which can guarantee a high quality product and meet the quantity required by the market.


Carlo Rossi, the founder’s son, and his brothers join the company, renaming it “Fratelli Rossi”. He keeps on doing grappas according to the traditional methods and recipes of his father.


Arturo, Carlo’s son, becomes interested in his father’s business and tries to introduce new products gained from several methods of distillation and aging. He then parts from the company, giving rise to “Arturo Rossi Distilleria”.


The First World War breaks out and Arturo is called to arms: he leaves the company in his wife’s (Annetta Zingaro) hands, sending her a long letter of instructions from the front, a sort of vademecum for “the best distillation”.


Arturo abandons the sale of bulk grappa, in favour of the bottled one and works out packaging, labels, bottle design and gift boxes. “Arturo Rossi Distilleria” incorporates “Fratelli Rossi”.


The production grows and business is so flourishing that the King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy grants the “Royal Warrant of Appointment”, expression of gratitude by the Royal House for the successes achieved.


After a training period in France, Bernardo, Arturo’s son, joins the company. Thanks to the new methods of distillation and aging, he expands the range with more aged and varied products.


As the company continues to grow, a rearrangement is settled: this is how the “Rossi d’Angera Distillatori srl” was born, by allocating the company shares among the family members.


Bernardo keeps on developing new products, in order to meet the market taste and demand. The range now encompasses gins, distillates and liqueurs.


Helped by his family, Arturo skilfully distillates the products offered by his “Rossi d’Angera” to the public.

Our mission

We spread the
culture of “drinking well”

We have always been committed to spreading the culture of “drinking well”, i.e. drinking top-quality Italian products.
Backed by our history, long tradition and know-how, we can offer high quality products.